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Add Clients and Revenue

Imagine attracting the type of clients and revenue that more closely fits your area of expertise, coaching interests and professional goals. There has never been a better time than now to expand your clientele and revenue.

With the creation of new paradigms and healthcare solutions, Delta Coaching is on the forefront of technology designed to target health optimiztion and restoration at the cellular level. As providers and patients see life-changing results, business growth occurs rapidly.

The breakdown of the current allopathic healthcare system is opening opportunities for providers and coaches to turn to systems and protocols that provide education outside of Big Pharma. This, in turn, drives the demand for a return to client education leading to health optimization rather than symptom management.

The incentives for joining Delta Coaching should be obvious:

  • Proven scientific protocols and case management for health restoration and optimization.
  • Attractive incentives for coaches and providers to plug into protocols and systems that address cellular health and better outcomes.
  • A brewing demand for new systems focused on win/win for providers and clients.
  • Back end support for providers and clients with real-time analysis of progress toward optimal health outcomes.
  • Timing that capitalizes on failure of current healthcare business models by introducing a more robust, transparent and profitable way for coaches and providers to truly provide empowering technology for a return to health for clients.
  • Ongoing develoment of best practices and protocol for treating clients through the use of data collection, analysis and dissemination of a massive database of bioindicators to providers and coaches rather than relying on old, potentially flawed academic research funded by Big Pharma and other politically motivated entities.
  • The return of high integrity and vision to health optimization and health restoration through collaborative efforts of providers, coaches, clients and researchers.

“Physicians and providers are going to look at you sideways if you ask them to align, but if you ask them to be the leaders and determine what the future will look like, they will rise to the challenge” L Hammerberg, M.D.

If you sense it’s time to leave the old alliance and become a leader that determines what the future will look like, we invite you to see what Delta is all about.