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Weight gain has been linked to leaky gut, allowing the passage of toxins through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and into fat deposits around the waistline.

Most gut issues are really mitochondrial infections.

Mitochondria are the tiny energy producing mechanisms in each of the body’s cells. Researchers have demonstrated that when mitochondria become infected with stealth bacteria, their ability to generate cellular energy becomes severely impaired.

Mitochondrial infections result in toxic overload, leading to diabetes, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

A disturbing trend of using probiotics to address gut issues without identifying the core problem of mitochondrial infection can actually worsen GI issues. The problem is not as simple as a lack of friendly bacteria. In fact, the overuse of probiotics can cause a resistance to healthy bacterial production in the gut.

Autoimmune conditions commonly worsen with the use of probiotics. Some probiotic strains morph into pathogenic species putting additional strain on the body’s already taxed immune system.

Since the GI tract is a hotspot for bacterial proliferation and toxic formation, the accumulation of dangerous bacteria can further damage the cells tiny energy producing mitochondria eventually leading to weight gain and disease.

It is well known that this toxic imbalance releases ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species into surrounding cells, damaging DNA and slowing down energy production for the individual. When mitochondrial death occurs, the situation worsens and the effects are felt as a lack of energy, sluggish metabolism, weight gain, brain fog, anxiety or low moods and a general decline in overall health.

BX Protocol™ goes beyond what probiotics can do. As a true energy catalyst, BX Protocol™ is designed to address the root of weight gain and GI imbalances. Mitochondrial health should be the first pillar of health restoration for you and your clients.