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Researchers have now conclusively demonstrated mitochondria are major triggers of cell aging.

This new information changes everything in the field of health restoration. The focus is squarely on mitochondria as determinants of overall health, as scientists move closer to developing therapies that counteract aging cells.

A team of international scientists recently published results, that for the first time, prove mitochondria to be key players in aging. They found that eliminating mitochondria from aging cells resulted in an unexpected outcome. Aging cells began to act much more similar to younger cells.

Cells accumulate environmental and dietary toxins, triggering inflammation. The combination of these factors, toxins and inflammation, contribute to the aging and disease process.

Stealth bacteria, known to impair mitochondrial performance, add further insult to injury. Under normal conditions, cells will attempt to eliminate “sick” mitochondria through the process of mitophagy. In the most recent studies, researchers tricked cells into inducing the process on a large scale, until all the mitochondria were physically removed from the cells.

This is where the major surprise was observed. After losing their mitochondria, cells became rejuvenated, acting similar to young cells. The levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), inflammatory molecules, and gene expression all dropped to match that of younger cells.

Furthermore, these new findings highlight how important healthy mitochondria are for health restoration and normal aging. With this robust evidence, researchers will rely on providers and health coaches who can translate this kind of information to to general public.

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