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Your interest in scientific solutions goes well beyond your continuing education requirements. You want to deliver the best, scientifically sound, proven options for your patients and clients.

In a world of billing codes and unanswered diagnostic queries, you’ve invested time and money in your own research on behalf of those you treat. Your work doesn’t end when you’re out of the office.

You’re willing to explore science based options that don’t waste your time or money or put your patients at risk, You know there’s more to learn and current system can always be improved upon.

Life Engine is a patient/client management system developed to improve outcomes by monitoring bioindicators and analyzing expected changes as well as outliers. The sophistication of a system built over 5 years by systems engineers and scientists  to improve and measure health outcomes is now available to you and your office.

Explore a new path to healthcare management through improving indicators of mitochondrial efficiency. Help your patients in ways they’ve never been helped before. Access a comprehensive database of education, technology, case studies and specialized consultation with other healthcare providers.

Your interest in medicine and health optimization comes from a deep commitment to helping others recover and resume a life of vitality and hope. Life Engine is built on principles of sound science, systems and support.

What could you offer patients who don’t fit current billing algorithms or diagnostic criteria? At Life Engine, we’re committed to building the most comprehensive health restoration and optimization customizable systems and products.

We invite you to see and be part of healthcare of the future now.