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Life Changing Outcomes

Increase Energy and Performance

Fatigue. The most common health complaint in the world. With a peak between ages 15 and 24 and again after age 50, fatigue is a red flag for mitochondrial dysfunction. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year in the United States alone to combat fatigue. Missed opportunities, absence from work, and unmet individual potential can be costly for individuals suffering from mitochondrial dysfunction. An entire beverage and supplement industry profits from the world’s fatigue problem without offering anything other than a bit of amped up anxiety for consumers of caffeinated, sometimes toxic beverages and supplements. At a cellular level, fatigue is a component of toxic buildup within the cells, made worse by using what’s currently
available to consumers.

What if you could be part of a new wave of technology designed to get to the root of fatigue? What if you could help others searching to renew their cellular energy rather than temporarily amping up adrenaline on energy drinks and other caffeine sources that come with a subsequent energy crash and buildup of toxicity? What if life changing outcomes for health optimization are accessible for everyone? Mitochondrial restoration is truly life changing. Thousands of BXprotocol clients have already corrected their mitochondrial dysfunction in order to enjoy permanent health restoration and optimization.

Real Mitochondrial Restoration

Mitochondrial research is the ‘golden child’ of scientific attention. Finally. With an ability to produce energy from nutrients, detoxify cells, improve muscular power and strength and defend the cell against ageing, mitochondria impact illness and health restoration at every level. Research will continue to support the concepts behind Delta Coaching and BXprotocol.

Delta’s robust mitochondrial health library includes content, information and case studies addressing all aspects of cell health and improvement. With over 18 years of mitochondrial research, Delta remains at the forefront of practical application and protocol for health optimization. We’ve seen the life changing outcomes of mitochondrial health restoration and
those results continue to drive us to improve upon every aspect of health optimization.

Proven Products and Protocol

Products designed with client outcomes in mind. Protocol based on scientific principles. Delta is moving faster, quicker and stronger than any other entity in the health optimization space. We attribute this to the fact that we’ve already delivered successful client outcomes and generous incentives for coaches.

With strong back office infrastructure, our products and protocol supports generous revenue for coaches committed to building a solid business based on helping others restore optimal mitochondrial function and overall physical energy and performance. Discover the Delta difference. The life changing results may be your own.