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Measurable Member Results

Imagine being able to measure progress and results for your clients, compare it to relevant data sets and interpret the best way to proceed with a specific client issue. The future is now. Delta has developed the most comprehensive health data management system available for integrative and functional medicine.

What if you were able to give your clients very specific feedback on everything from anticipating health restoration milestones to reassuring them of normal Herxheimer and healing reactions? If monitoring all aspects of a client’s health restoration and optimization in a high tech data field designed to advance client outcomes makes sense, you’ll be blown away at the potential to refine your practice and protocols rapidly and effectively.

This type of advanced, intuitive, virtual technology learning environment gives you NASA-like speed and accuracy to adjust course, treatment and protocol options for clients moving along the health restoration spectrum. Think of it as a user-friendly dashboard and GPS for directing clients safely and effectively to their best outcomes and health goals.

We invite you to explore the back office systems management technology to see what health leadership really means. Your ability to modify tools and incremental measurement indicators puts you in the driver’s seat.

The Mazeratti of health restoration management, Delta’s back office system, is equipped to give you a high performance experience with all the educational and technology safety, backup and tools you demand.

Our number one priority is to provide a safe, effective platform with proven technology for health restoration. Over 5 years in development, our top line management health management system is built upon the following pillars.

1. Online security – a multilayered advanced safety system for protecting all aspects of your client profiles and data.

2. Analytical software – a well designed management system for submitting, analyzing and learning from data to advance client outcomes and protocol.

3. Member support – in person, online, and advanced educational and treatment options to provide synergyistic solutions for providers and clients.

4. Science based functional tech – the development and use of proven technology to acquire cellular improvement measurements rather than merely symptom management. Client results are based on scientific evidence specific to the health diagnosis and subsequent restoration indicators specific to each case.

Right diagnosis. Right protocol. Right systems. Right outcomes.