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Online Coaching

The current healthcare system requires a client to make an appointment to see a provider, sometimes months in advance after they’ve identified a health issue. The cost to the patient for a 15 minute visit with a provider can be upwards of $400 out-of- pocket. Providers are as frustrated with clients as they attempt to collect relevant and billable health information, assess any physical symptoms, and quickly formulate a diagnosis that fits into the limited algorithm of options within scope of practice and correct input of reimbursement terminology.

It seems like there is a clear winner in this scenario. This current system isn’t designed for clients or providers. It’s a business model that’s been out of date for decades in terms of health restoration.

Let’s imagine a system designed to allow clients and providers to interface and share information relevant to a precise diagnosis and treatment. A system that motivates both the provider and client to work together to find the most appropriate pathway to health optimization or health restoration.

Imagine client outcomes minus waiting periods of weeks and months. Entertain the idea of having client data readily available before, during and after any initial or follow up interaction. Suggest to your mind the opportunity to tap into the latest scientific and technological innovations in health restoration. Create a scenario where the client is informed, educated, and empowered to assist in best practices relevant to their diagnosis and specific protocol.

No longer just a dream, Delta created the architecture and infrastructure of a health restoration system designed to achieve optimal results through data collection, analysis and assessment relevant to each client. The success and optimal outcome for every client and provider our mission. We believed, like you, that healthcare could change. And we proved it.

With Delta’s back office support, providers and clients get the following:

  • More precise diagnosis as a result of better and more comprehensive data.
  • Current research protocol specific to that diagnosis.
  • Real time communication through the Delta Coaching Model.
  • Better compliance with treatment protocols.
  • Clients who are invested in their health restoration process and outcome.
  • Instant access to information used to navigate protocol for both client and provider.
  • Anticipation of events and health indicators that speed up the process of health restoration.
  • A dashboard of priorities managed by client and provider together.
  • Achievement of more optimal outcomes, faster.

Explore the future of healthcare with membership to Delta. Lead your clients to the outcomes they’ll best benefit from using the online coaching platform designed specifically with clients and providers in mind. Imagine…a health care system built to produce optimal health outcomes.