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You are results driven. Success is a combination of working smart, working hard and optimizing the knowledge you’ve acquired from study and experience. Patients and clients count on you to have answers to complex issues.

You have an uncanny ability to focus on relevant information to improve patient and client outcomes. Yours is an information based world and you require science based alignment with practical application that gets results.

Your comprehensive knowledge of systems and cells demands a proficient and accurate source for furthering your information base. You want the science to support how you do business.

At Life Engine, we focus on health restoration and optimization from the mitochondrial perspective. We believe in specificity when it comes to client protocol. Built from the science of mitochondrial dysfunction as the base of cellular health, Life Engine is designed for practitioners.

With the most extensive library of specific mitochondrial health resources available to our members, case studies, case sensitive protocol, and scientific support, we know you’ll feel at home at Life Engine.

We are you. We are practitioners who also demand science based proficiency and information relevant to our client outcomes. Delivering educational modules for every level of understanding is what sets us apart. Translational science is something we’ve done for over 20 years, building on a strong background in biosciences.

We are uniquely positioned as both an educational and health restoration entity with no outside policy pressure to censure information potentially beneficial to client outcomes. We are committed to continue developing science based educational tools, protocols and products that align with the true practitioners mission of helping people achieve optimal health and wellness.