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Revenue and Leadership Training

Delta’s Four-Dimensional Training System is designed to capitalize on science based products, protocols, performance and profits.

Solving knowledge gaps is not enough for clients or coaches anymore. A high performance, high benefit system requires a radically different approach. Built into Delta is the ability to improve outcomes at all levels through training’s designed to achieve mastery of:


Products: You’ll understand the science behind the most advanced health restoration and health optimization products in the world and how these products improve health markers and outcomes safely and effectively.

Protocols: You’ll be adept with Delta’s protocols, specific to each client’s needs, and what biomarkers are necessary to monitor progress along the health optimization or restoration spectrum.

Performance: You’ll know which client and coaching performance markers are indicated for successful outcomes. What’s measured can be changed, so you’ll be part determining when and how rapidly landmark targets are reached.

Profits: You’ll see why Delta’s system is designed to surpass any other offering. A confidence with articulating key elements clearly and experiencing first hand the value of investment for both potential clients and coaches is part of your Delta experience.


Effective products, protocols, performance indicators and profitability build in accountability and opportunity for everyone involved. With our proven track record, we’re confident that offering a gain sharing performance based model will upend outdated models. Forward thinking and fair to all interests, we know you’ll gain more than you could have imagined as you explore this unique health optimization and outstanding financial opportunity with Delta.