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The BX Protocol Wellness Coaching services, offered through Delta Member Service Inc., are the industry’s gold standard of Health Restoration coaching services: We offer integrated teams of Wellness Coaches and Delta Case Managers to address all aspects of wellness.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Health Restoration Coaching
  • Health Optimization Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching – including diet, nutrition, weight, meal planning, and more
  • Fitness and Exercise Coaching – including Fit Plans, goal setting, tracking, and more
  • Stress Reduction Counseling – including evaluations, trigger identifications, management plans and much more
  • Life Coaching

And Much More!

Initiating Wellness Coaching Services

Help is only a call away: The process includes:

  • Health Mentoring: This is a free service where potential members work with our health mentors to determine what coaching services will be best suited for them.
  • Custom case management planning:  Let us help you establish meaningful long-term goals and assist you on your health restoration journey.