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Valued Member Protocol

Proven products and protocols are critical tools for coaching clients through a carefully monitored, more consistent and efficient process to health restoration.  Designed specifically for optimizing outcomes based on scientific evidence, the right protocol for the right diagnosis is profoundly important in a new paradigm of health care.

The benefit achieved by using a proven protocol is that more precise, more efficient and better overall health outcomes are the result. An ideal protocol is an intervention based in science and supported by lab results and medical indicators. Simply stated, clients and coaches see better results faster.

Protocol guidelines empower patients to make more informed choices and to consider their personal needs and preferences on the road to health restoration. Also, standardized care practices call attention to specific and important issues throughout the treatment.

In a cash healthcare system, protocol guidelines improve efficiency of client care as well as offering high integrity, high transparency options not available through older healthcare models. Both coaches and clients understand the model which significantly improves communication and compliance, resulting in a win-win health restoration system.

Coaches and clients benefit from specifically designed protocols because they account for the need to closely monitor each client through diagnostic labs and consistent follow up.

With a consistent protocol, coaches will be alerted to interventions unsupported by good science, call attention to client practices that may or may not be safe or effective, and reinforce important health indicators over time to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Benefits of diagnosis-specific protocols can assure clients that real-time assessment will benefit them as their lab indicators and improvement scores can be computed and analyzed in relation to their own historical data and that of clients at similar points in the health restoration process. Although some aspects of this feature are limited to Delta Institute’s International programs, and not part of the Delta Coaching Academy directly, it is incredibly unique and extremely valuable to coach, client and future innovations as health restoration tools are rapidly developed, tested and implemented.

Client health improvement information that used to take weeks, months and even years to integrate into care plans and protocol is now shared in an instant. Imagine moving clients more effectively and efficiently to the highest health outcomes in the fastest time possible with the most critical information specific to their healing process.